The rise and fall of Dubin

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The adventurers have come together in search of work in the prosperous land of Dubin. Dubin is a mighty and young city, founded in the crater of a dead volcano. Built by a dwarven king, named Flynthyde, it is located at a trade crossroads, leading to 6 major cities. This, combined with the free enterprise system, set up by the King, has led to the city prospering beyond any expectations. The city is extremely well fortified, with a wall surrounding the sizable peak. Watchtowers intermittently set about the wall, keeps eyes ever vigilant on the valley surrounding the lone standing mountain. The only way in or out of the city is by a massive gate. An underground spring feeds a small pond in the bowl of the volcano, and runs out of a protected aqua-duct, that runs under the wall, and down the side of the mountain. The inner city is littered with shops and homes, filling every conceivable space. So the story begins…

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

I look to begin the adventure in early June/July at the latest. I am moving to AZ in late May, and depending on response, will start as soon as possible.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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